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Dictionary Pronunciation Key

Here is the Dictionary Pronunciation Key.  This will aide you in figuring out how to pronounce words you find in the dictionary.  Click on Pronunciation Symbols (Once you are redirected to the site, you must click on Pronunciation Symbols.  If an ad comes up, just click on “Skip to results in the top right hand corner) to hear how each symbol is pronounced.  The symbols I have copied and pasted below can be found at “http://dictionary1.classic.reference.com/help/ahsd/pronkey.html” Enjoy!

Pronunciation Key

Symbols Examples Symbols Examples
ā pat ô caught, paw
ā pay ôr core
âr care oi noise
ä father ŏŏ took
b bib ŏŏr lure
ch church ōō boot
d deed, milled ou out
ě pet p pop
ē bee r roar
f fife, phase, rough s sauce
g gag sh ship, dish
h hat t tight, stopped
ĭ pit th thin
ī pie, by th this
îr dear, deer, pier ŭ cut
j judge ûr urge, term, firm, word, heard
k kick, cat, pique v valve
l lid, needle w with
m mum y yes
n no, sudden z zebra, xylem
ng thing zh vision, pleasure, garage
ŏ pot ə about, item, edible, gallop, circus
ō toe ər butter