The Voice Project 2014-2015


How hard

is it to

change the



Anthony / LeFever / Cuez Team



Essential Question:
What are ways that a person can get society to change?

Project Overview:
After students are exposed to the myriad of issues facing our community, nation, and world, they will select an issue for which they have great passion. Through research and discovery, students will understand their issue and connect with an organization trying to do something about it. Through that community partnership, students willtake action through fundraising, awareness campaigns, volunteering, and/ or changing public policy. We will change the world, one voice at a time.


  1. Research Document
  2. Action Plan
  3. Action(s)- varied products and events dependant on cause and action plan
  4. Biography
  5. Resume
  6. Pop-Art Advertisement
  7. Fractions of Change Math Product

Essential Skills:

Writing: Writing and using driving questions for research, finding appropriate and varied resources, note-taking, persuasive writing techniques, writing process

Reading: Reading non-fiction for understanding and analysis, uncovering important

Multimedia: Advertising through Pop-Art



2 responses

  1. is there anymore webquest the yolos could do besides these webquest?

  2. Thank you

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