I love ClassDojo!  It is a fun and interactive way to promote positive behaviors and have conversations with students about classroom actions and their level of engagement. My favorite thing about ClassDojo is that we create the behaviors TOGETHER.  This creates common language for the class and it makes it easier for all of us to hold each other accountable for our actions. Click here for stories about other teachers using ClassDojo.

Please Note: As much as I try to make the right call, I will inevitably make a wrong call.  I am willing to discuss anything as long as the conversation is productive, respectful and kind. Please do not hesitate (students and parents) to discuss any questions or any feelings you have about your ClassDojo score.

In general, I try to comment on student behavior as much as possible.  This can take place in multiple ways:

  1. An email from me to you singing your child’s praises
  2. A phone call from me to you singing your child’s praises
  3. A comment in ClassDojo singing your child’s praises
  4. An email, phone call, or comment in ClassDojo about behaviors that need a little nudge in the right direction.

Students and parents will reflect on ClassDojo scores every 2 weeks.  This should be a positive, healthy and productive conversation.  Listen, ask questions (How do you feel about “x”, From your perspective what do you think about “x”, From another student’s perspetive how would they feel about “x”) and provide kind suggestions about what your child can do to improve or what they can do to stay awesome!

Students will receive grades based on positive behaviors.   For example, If a student has 99% positive behavior score in ClassDojo, that means the student’s APP score will be 99%.

Parents can…
 1. Login to view their child’s updated progress.
 2. View comments I have made.

How parents sign up with parent codes?
 1. Parents, visit and enter your parent code in the box.
 2. Fill out your information, create a password, and you’re good to go!

How parents sign up via email invite?
 1. Parents, click on the orange “Get report now” button in their email invite.
 2. Parents enter their name and create a password, then they’re good to go!

Can more than one parent get reports for one child?
  1. By parent code: Simply give the parent code to multiple parents!
  2. By email invite: Click on the “1 connected” or “1 invited” link and you’ll be able to add more email addresses!

Students login here
Parents login here

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