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Week 2. 9/6/2011 – 9/9/2011

Snapshot of  the week:

Tuesday: We are going to continue our work on Haikus.  You will have three different task that will test your skill in the art form known as Haiku.  You will need to write 1 seasonal Haiku, transform your “I am” Poem into a Haiku, and create a “What am I” Haiku.  We will also begin studying elements of poetry such as: Imagery, Metaphor and Simile.  A PDF of the assignment can be found here.  There is also a post for the assignment that can be found here

Wednesday: After sharing our Haikus we will begin using the 6 Traits of writing to help ourselves grow as writers.   The first trait we are going to study is Ideas.  Your homework will be to start writing a personal narrative based off any one of the Chicken Soup topics.

Thursday: We are going to do our first round of formal critiquing.  We are going to use the 6 traits of writing rubric to asses our writing thus far.

Friday: It is now time to leave classical Japan and turn our sights to the Shakespearian Sonnet.