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Course Syllabus and Classroom Procedures
Mr. Anthony’s 6th grade Humanities


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“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” – Carl Jung

Course Description:

Welcome to 6th grade humanities at HTMMA!  This year will be fun, challenging and educational.  You are expected to build upon your existing knowledge and command of the English language as well as the history of the world.  The 6th grade team expects 100% of every student’s best effort, every day.  Below you find all expectations and a snap shot of what it takes to have a successful day in the 6th grade.

Major Instructional Goals:

Project Based Learning CAN NOT take place without reading or writing.  In order to build 21st Century Skills and embed those skills into P.B.L, students will read, write and discuss their comprehension of text with peers everyday.

This year you will grow as a reader through word analysis, deep thinking, and peer critique.  Students will read and understand grade-level-appropriate material through meaningful conversations and deep inquiry. Students will connect important ideas, arguments, and perspectives by using your knowledge of text structure, organization and purpose.

As a writer, you will focus on writing applications, writing strategies, speaking applications, written and oral English language conventions.  You will write in a variety of genres (narrative, expository, persuasive, poetry).  You will learn how to meaningfully and respectfully critique the work of your peers.  There will be ample opportunity for partner and small group work, as well as individual conferencing with the teacher.

We will analyze the history of multiple civilizations and examine their geographic, political, economic, religious and social structures. You will be encouraged to make connections between civilizations and present day societies to better understand today’s world, as well as consider what you can do to be a contributing member of society.

Class Room Culture:  “Everyone is loved and appreciated.  I ask these 3 things of you: Be Kind, respectful, and always try your best. I promise to do the same

-Mr. Anthony

Preparation for Class: It is the responsibility of the student to come prepared to class.  In order to be prepared for class the student must:

  1. Have all class materials with you as soon as the period begins
  2. Be seated and working on the “First Thing Focus” as soon as the period begins
  3. Maintain respectful communication at all times (use classroom voices and remember that ONE person speaks at a time)
  4. Respect the classroom environment by maintaining a clean workspace and being responsible for all materials
  5. Treat everyone with kindness

Any failure to abide by the classroom policies listed above can result in: Being removed from the classroom by needing to take a break and/or private conversation with teacher, and a phone call home.


Expectations for class:

Everyone has the right to, and should expect to, learn.

Each individual is worthy of respect.

Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom.

Hard work is necessary for learning.

Late Work Policy:

a)   Work turned in late and not associated with an absence will not earn full credit.  Late homework will receive a maximum of half-credit.  Depending on the assignment, late homework will not be accepted.  Students will be notified when this is the case.   Special circumstances regarding late work can be discussed on an individual basis, but will only be approved at the teacher’s discretion.  Late project work will receive a penalty of 10% per day.  For example, if a major project assignment is turned in 2 days late, the highest grade the student may receive is an 80%

Absent Work Policy:

a)   It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the homework assignments, notes & any other pertinent information that is missed during an absence.  Students and parents should always refer to Mr. Anthony’s DP if there are any questions.  Any extra papers can be found in the class master binder.

b)   Missed work due to an absence: In the event of an absence, the student will need to turn in work he/she missed the beginning of the class period on the day of his/her return.  The student will have as many days as he/she was absent to complete missed assignments before they will be considered late.  The make up days will begin the day the student returns from school.

c)   If the student is aware that he/she will be absent ahead of time, please inform the teacher to receive any assignments that are available for distribution.


a)   Powerschoool: It is the responsibility of the student and parent to check Powerschool for updates to student’s grades.  Grades will be updated as frequently as possible and can be found at All students have a username and password that will allow them access to their grades.  Please let me know if you have any questions or issues regarding logging

b)   Attendance, Participation, Preparedness (APP) (20%): Students will earn APP points through Classdojo. Classdojo is an online tool that rewards students for making positive contributions to their classroom environment. Click here for more information regarding classdojo.

c)    Projects and Assessments (40%) Please see project specifications sheets for specific grading information of these writing assignments and projects.  These will be sent home for parents review at the appropriate time, and can be accessed though my DP.

d)   Homework / Classwork (20%):  Homework sheets will generally be given out on Monday.  In most cases work will be due on Friday.  Generally students will not have homework over the weekend.

e)   Reading Contracts / Book Clubs (20%): Reading will be a major part of this course. Not only do we read novels, articles, research, and poetry in class together (and for homework), but I also expect students to read on their own. The Reading Contract and Book Clubs will be graded accordingly. Books can be checked out of our class library by going here. ( Login: aconwrighthth Password: htmmarocks )

f)   All students do not learn the same way, or on the same day. Students will have the option, to go to tutoring before or after school.  Students can also e-mail Mr. Anthony if they have any questions or would need additional review over course materials.

Parent Teacher Conferences:
Teachers will contact parents/guardians to share good news concerning their student’s educational growth or to discuss behaviors or work habits that might cause the student difficulty in class. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers through e-mail.  Teacher’s e-mail address for this class:  Formal conferences will be scheduled in October. This is a scheduled time for parents and teachers to plan to work as a team to enhance the student’s learning experience. Please plan to attend. Mr. Anthony stays after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm – 5:00pm.  If you would like come in to discuss homework or pleasant conversation, please do not hesitate to come by.