How To Do Stuff

1.Action Tips: Organize a Campaign about Animal Homelessness
2.  Fundraising Ideas for Any Cause
3. How To: Clean Up A Butt (Cigarette Butt, That Is)
4. How To: Make Catnip Toys For a Local Shelter
5. How To: Organize an Awareness Campaign About Animal Cruelty
6. How To: Create Blankets for Animals Shelters
7. How To: Hold a Dog Wash to Benefit Your Local Shelter
8. Action Tips: Make a T-Shirt to Advertise Your Issue or Event
9. Action Tips: Write a Letter To an Elected Official
10. How To: Decorate Recycling Bins to Make Them Stand Out
11. Create a bumper sticker
12. Food Drive ideas   Click here to see the types of food you may want to collect.
13. Clean Water Exercise
14. How To: Lead an Activity about Lack of Water Abroad
15. Stop  inhumane puppy mills in the U.S.A
16. How to hold a blanket drive for the homeless

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