Week 13

1. Check Powerschool (If you have a zero or missing assignment, bring it to Mr. Anthony tomorrow)

2. Bring the Book Club book you want to read to school tomorrow. If you do not have it at home, look it up online (search the book on amazon) and write down the following information:
Genre, Number of pages, Title, Difficulty Level, Number of chapters.

3. 1st Paragraph of your Framing the Revolution Montage Write-Up
1. First paragraph – Summary of the Book  (THEME/Summary)
a. Introduce the book
1.What is the theme of the book?
2.Provide evidence from the book that supports your theme.

4. 6th grade success sheet

Paragraph #2 Framing the Revolution Write up.
6th grade success reflection for Tuesday and Wednesday (You can give yourself a 5 for school on Tuesday)
Paragraph #3 of framing the revolution write-up
2. 6th grade success sheet signed by parent.
3. Book Club contract signed.

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