Week 6

This week marks the beginning of a new study.  Students are going to learn about Early Human Migration. As we learn about the migration patterns of our early human ancestors, we are going to read Esperanza Rising.  To help learn about Early Human Migration, we are going to investigate the National Geographic Genographic project. Students will also have an opportunity to make final changes to their “This I Believe” essay.

Monday: We will begin our journey by investigating early human migration
Challenge Activity
6th Grade camp survey (Due Friday)

Tuesday: Esperanza Rising / Human Migration Routes
Homework: Retracing Human Migration

Wednesday: Esperanza Rising / Genetic Markers

ThursdayEsperanza Rising / Researching our shared Ancestry

Friday: Esperanza Rising / Haplogroup Journeys


Special thanks to (http://www.ltl.appstate.edu/litcircleunits/litcirunits_Spring02/Esperanza_Rising/lessons.htm) for the ideas!

Discussion Director:

The Discussion Director’s Job is to come up with 5 thought provoking questions.  Be sure to write down your questions, the answers to your questions, and the page numbers where the answers can be located or supported.  You cannot use the same prediction more than once! However, you can change your prediction, if it is supported by text

Types of questions to look for:

1. Opinion (2) – ask about what the characters should have done, or why they did the things they did (if it’s not explained in the novel), or what would have happened if something about the story were changed.  For example:
a. Why do you think Cinderella’s stepmother was so cruel to her?
b.What could Cinderella have done to improve her situation if she didn’t have a Fairy Godmother to help her?
c.If Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters had been better people, do you think Cinderella would still have met and married the prince?

2.  Prediction (1 or 2)

3.  Fact (1 or 2) – ask about the order of events, or about what the characters did, or things that fit into a certain category. For example:
a.Did Cinderella meet the Prince before or after she met her Fairy Godmother?
b. How did Cinderella get her name?
c. Name the chores Cinderella was given to do.

Word Wizard:

The Word Wizard’s job is to find the following words in this section of reading.  Then, using the index card template, write down the word (On the middle of the card), page number (top right corner), paragraph number (Top right corner).  Next, write down the part of speech the word is (Top Left corner).  Write down the actual definition of the word (Underneath the word) Copy the sentence from the book (underneath the definition) and write down an explanation of how this word contributes to the meaning of the story (Underneath the sentence) (Characters, plot, theme, etc.), Here is an example below: Feel free to decorate your card with pictures and color! Beautiful cards will be put on display around the room.

Suggested Word Wizard Words: (Choose 4 words to complete the word wizard job.)

◦                                 p. 1 par. 2    Tendril

◦                                 p. 9 par. 1    Premonition

◦                                 p. 9 par. 2    Serenaded

◦                                 p. 13 line 7  Capricious

◦                                 p. 13 line 8  Propriety

◦                                 p. 16 par. 1  Forlorn

◦                                 p. 4 par. 1    Scythe

Passage Picker:

The Passage Picker’s job is to choose 4 passages that enable your group to really engage in a discussion about that specific section/passage.  The following types of passages are ones you may want to think about. 
    Write down their page #, paragraph #, give an explanation of why the passage you chose is of the selected type.  Then write down why you chose the passage,  why did the author include this passage in the story? or What does this passage add to the story? 
 Then write a good thinking question about the passage.

Types of passages to find for this section:

  • 1 simile
  • 1 foreshadowing
  • 1 sad(melancholy)
  • 1 your choice

Here is an example below:

Character Sketcher:

The Character Sketcher’s job is to write down 3 implied traits including the page, paragraph number, and an explanation or proof of the traits.  Next you need to state the characters goal, problem, and solution or possible solution.  I Challenge you to draw a picture of the character!!!!

Click on this PDF document to see an example.

Sketch:  Abuelita


The Investigator’s job is to examine an outside source (news paper article, web site, encyclopedia, content texts, etc.) that has connections to the book being read and share the information with the group.  Share at least two interesting facts you learned from your source and make connections to the book if possible. Also, write down 2 things that strike you (If they are different from the facts you learned) and at least one question.

Investigate: The Mexican Revolution

Here is a source you can use:
1. PBS


2 responses

  1. Hi Mr. Conwright, I just signed Ashlee up for the National Geographic Genographic project. It sounds facinating! Also, I wanted to ask you if you knew which countries you might be focusing in on later in the school year. I heard that you might focus a little deeper on Egypt or Greece. I wanted to know sooner rather than later because I wanted to make plans on how I might be able to support Ashlee in her studies. Thank you, Paul Miller

    1. Anthony Conwright | Reply

      Mr. Miller,
      I signed up as well!!! I am very excited to receive my results. After we finish learning about early human migration, we are going to focus on Egypt. We learn about Greece at the end of the year. The students are going to perform plays centered around Greek mythology and the environment. Thank you for signing Ashlee up for the Genographic project. It really means a lot to me. Also, please call me Anthony. Have a great day!

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