Week 4 9/17 – 9/21

This week we are diving into the first few drafts of our “This I Believe” Essays. Click here to see my this I believe post. You can find a brief introduction to the This I Believe Project as well as links to a few helpful files.

We are going to use the 6 traits of writing to help guide our writing process. This site is a great resource for writing within the 6 traits framework.

Bring your independent reading book everyday this week!

Monday: Typing our This I Believe essays into Google Docs and sharing with Mr. Anthony
Homework: Choose one method for creating an introductory paragraph discussed in class and use it in your This I Believe essay. Write the method you are choosing into your “My Goal Sheet” Print it out and bring it to school. If you have trouble printing please email me.

TuesdayMaking our essays Organized
Homework: Organize your essay into 5 paragraphs. Write your goals into my goal sheet

Wednesday: Using figurative Language in essays
Homework: Using the GoogleDoc that Mr. Anthnoy shared (titled “Things to look for”, find places to improve your This I Believe essay


Friday: Critiquing

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