Word Brainstorming

Word Brainstorming is a cool activity to perform with a class, individually or in a small group.  This year, “Word Brainstorming” has helped students find creative ways to spice up their figurative language.  Here is a brief snapshot of the process:

1. Take a sentence or phrase you need to “spice up” in this example we will look at the sentence “I am like the sun”

2. Write the word “sun” in a circle and write all of the words that you associate with “sun” The key is to write down as many words as you can.  If you are having trouble coming up with multiple words, branch off from the words that you associated with “sun.” Next, read the words that are branched off of sun until you can come up with a sentence like: “I am a luminous star” or “I am a warm blinding florescent shining light”

It even works with the Hunger Games: This student was thinking of writing “I am the Hunger Games” After word brainstorming she turned her sentence into “I am a jarring epic”


Here are some examples below:

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