Creating Folders and Documents in Google Drive

Making a copy of a document in Google Drive

There will be times when you can only “view” a document.  If you make a copy of a document you can edit the document without disturbing the original document.  Here is how you can do it:

1. Open the document
2. Click “File” (Underneath the title of the document)
3. Click “Make a Copy” (GoogleDrive will make the copy)
4.  Click the title of the document you just copied
5. Rename it.

Create or delete a folder in Google Drive

Folders make it easy to organize all of your files and Google Docs in Google Drive.

Create a folder in Google Drive

To create a folder in your Google Drive on the web, follow these steps:

  1. Click the red Create button at the top left of your Google Drive.
  2. Select Folder from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter a folder name into the text box and click OK.
  4. The folder will be created, and you can find it under My Drive.

The new folder will sync automatically to the Google Drive folder on your computer unless you choose to sync only certain folders.

Move a folder within another folder

  1. Select a folder in Google Drive on the web and click the Organize icon google drive folder icon
  2. Select the folder(s) that you’d like to place the folder in.
  3. Click Apply changes.

Learn how to organize shared folders.

Delete a folder from Google Drive

To delete a folder, go to My Drive and follow these steps:

  1. Check the box next to the folder you’d like to delete.
  2. Click the Trash icon google drive trash icon.
  3. The folder will be moved to Trash, and all items in that folder will also be moved to Trash. If you’ve chosen to sync all items in My Drive, the folder will also be moved to your computer’s trash bin.

If you’ve accidentally trashed a folder, you can recover it as long as it hasn’t been permanently deleted.

Tips for using folders

  • Folders can be stored hierarchically, like folders on your desktop. If you sync folders to your computer using Google Drive for your Mac/PC, the folder structure will stay the same.
  • You can share folders with other people. The sharing permissions that you set for the folder will be applied to everything inside of it.
  • You can change the color of your folder icons. Right click the folder title and choose Change color.

Create Google Docs in Google Drive

Go to and click the red Create button.

The list of documents you’re used to seeing when you sign into is being replaced by Google Drive. Just like before, you can create Google Docs — but now you’ll click the red Create button when you sign into

Create Google Docs

To create a new Google document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the red Create button.
  3. Select the Google Docs type that you’d like to create: Document, Spreadsheet, Form, Presentation, Drawing, or Site.

A window with a new Google document will open, and you’ll be able to edit it, share it with other people, and collaborate on it in real-time. Google Docs saves your document automatically, and you can always access it from Google Drive.

Name a document

When you create a new doc, Google Docs will name it “Untitled” by default.

To choose a name other than “Untitled”, click the File menu, and select Rename. From here you can choose and confirm the title. You can also edit the name by clicking the title displayed in the top left of the page. Titles can be up to 255 characters long.

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