Week 2 9/4 – 9/7

Here are a few things we can do to have a quality interpretation of writing from class on Tuesday:
    Interpreted figurative language (Metaphors, Similes, Symbols, Personification, etc..) 
    Using text evidence (Always refer to the text to back up your interpretation)
    Using classroom language (Refer back to words you learned in class: Symbol, figurative language, stanza)
    Interpreted every stanza
    Look at all of the lines in the poem

We are going use our new skills writing figurative language to help us interpret literature. We are going to start the week by figuring out what interpretation means and what kinds of questions a good reader would ask (For example: Who is the speaker, what is the mood, what is the personal or historical context?) when it comes to interpreting writing. We will start by analyzing The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix (Using figurative Language and Personal history context) and The Road Not Taken (Decoding symbols to interpret poetry) by Robert Frost
Homework: click on The Road Not Taken to view the file as a PDF
1.  Complete a “Personal Interpretation” of “The Road Not Taken

We will review our personal interpretations of the Road Not Taken and Using  a historical context to interpret I, too, sing America by Langston Hughes.
Edit (using a goal sheet) Your personal interpretation of The Road Not Taken
Read for 20min

I am going to introduce you to my favorite poet, Pablo Neruda! Writing Odes!
Write your own ODE
Read for 20min

Field Trip to Japan to learn about Haikus (Thanks to the power of google maps / images)   if we have time we will learn about Rhyme, Repetition and Refrain and The purpose of poetry – Analyzing – A poison Tree and jimmy Jet and his TV set
Read for 20min
Read for 20min

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