Poetry Tile Display

One of the most meaningful moments I had as a student at High Tech High was the creation of my Tile.  The High Tech High student body created a tile that represented themselves.  We decorated the our tiles with bright colors, pictures, and quotes.  My tile, along with my fellow classmates, still stands in the hall of High Tech High today. Outside of teaching, my tile is one way I stay connected with the school and every time I see it I am reminded of the positive moments I had as a High Tech High student.
To keep that tradition alive, my students will be making their own tiles.  The only difference is that we are going to decorate our tiles with poetry.   Poetry can be an efficient way to communicate an idea, emotion or belief.  My example (below) represents an epiphany I experienced that I captured and wrote about in an ode.   Students will have the opportunity to write in various forms of poetry (I am poem, odes, haikus and sonnets) and pick their favorite poem to put on display in the school.  Each students display will last for three years.  At the end of eighth grade, students will have an opportunity to take their poetry tile home to display as she/he likes.  Not only will this serve as a beautiful piece of artwork and writing, it will also make any home a little more cozy.

Step 1: Sand the Masonite.  It’s important to have a smooth surface.  Once you are finished sanding, use a paper towel to wipe the sand from the Masonite.


Step 2: Add Gesso to the Masonite. I painted going in one direction (up and down). Apply an even layer of gesso over the Masonite.


Step 3: Let the Gesso dry.

Step 4: After the Gesso dries, sand again.   Do not take off the entire layer of Gesso.  You just want to make sure the masonite is smooth and that there is an even amount of Gesso on the Masonite. Once you are finished sanding, wipe the masonite with a paper towel.

Step 5: Gesso the Masonite one more time.  Make sure you have a nice even layer of Gesso over the masonite.

Step 6: Let the second layer of Gesso dry.

Step 7: Paint over the Gesso.


Step 8: Let the paint dry.

Step 9: Sand the paint.

Step 10: Paint the masonite one more time.

Step 11: Let the paint dry. This is very important.  The paint needs to dry or the entire display will be be ruined.

Step 12: Put your image and/or text on top of the Masonite.

Step 13: Using a blender marker, highlight over the text and image.  Press down firmly! As you are highlighting use a spoon to press down on the letters and image.  This will help ensure everything transfers to the masonite.

Step 14: lift the paper off the masonite.

Step 15: Let everything dry!


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  2. i don’t know what i should but for i feel on my i am peom?

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