How to flush out your Greek myth / Critique your Greek Myth

Here are some tips for flushing out your Greek Story

1. You have to be an expert on your God.  Does your god have a myth that you add to your story?

2.  Are there other gods that you can incorporate into your story.



1. Your story must involve at least two Olympian gods or goddesses.It may contain other gods or goddesses as well.

2. Your story must explain some natural phenomenon(such as a weather event) or some geological feature (a mountain range, a large valley, a sea, an ocean, a polar ice cap, etc.).

4. Your story must have a clear beginning, middle and end.

5. Your story should clearly show that you know something about Greek mythology. You will do this by including details about the Olympian gods and goddesses that show you know their powers, symbols and personalities.

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