Guns, Germs and Steel final paper

    Guns, Germs and Steel final paper
To end our study of guns, germs and steel you will combine everything we have been working on into one final paper.  Answer the questions using complete sentences and try your best to make sure there is a nice flow between sentences and paragraphs.   You may use the following websites as a guide. You can use all of the notes from the previous research you have completed (Notes from movies, previous research questions) information on crops: to the right sidebar for information on other crops)For information on Cattle: to the right sidebar for information on different types of animals)For information on Germs: information on Steel and Writing: information on geography:
  1. Paragraph 1
    1. What is Jared Diamond’s theory behind geography, guns, germs and steel? (You should be able to write 4 sentences – One sentence for each topic) Talk about what he believes about geography, guns, germs and steel and how they determine whether or not a civilization has a lot of “cargo”
  2. Paragraph 2 (Geography)
    1. Define geographic luck
    2. Compare the geography of the fertile crescent to the geography of the people of Papua New Guinea.
      1. How did the geographic luck of civilizations in the fertile crescent differ from the geographic unluck of the civilization from Papua New Guinea?
      2. How did geography influence the way the people of Papua New Guinea grew their crops?
        1. Talk about the difference in crops between the two civilizations.  It will be helpful to mention how difficult it was for the Papua New Guineans to plant their crops and compare it to planting wheat.
  3. Paragraph 3 (Steel) Conquistadors vs. Incas
    1. How did geographic luck influence the development of steel?
      1. Why were the people from Papua New Guinea slow to develop steel?
    2. What advantages did the conquistadors have over the Incas? and what lead to these advantages?
      1. Writing
        1. How did writing play a pivotal role in the conquistadors conquest of the Inca?
      2. Steel
        1. What steel weapons and technology did the conquistadors poses and how were they an advantage over the Inca?
      3. Horses
        1. How did horses give the conquistadors an advantage over the Incas in battle and in “image”
  4. Paragraph 4 (Germs) Africans vs. Europeans
    1. Why did the Europeans have a hard time colonizing Africa as they moved from southern Africa to the interior?
      1. Talk about farming and Animal life
    2. Why did the Europeans have immunity to the diseases they passed to the Africans?
      1. Talk about where the diseases came from and how geography played a role in the spread of diseases.
    3. How did germs play a role in the European colonization of Africa
      1. Describe some of the long lasting effects of germs in Africa
  5. Conclusion
    1. How has Guns, Germs and Steel changed your view on history? If it has not changed the way you think of history, please explain why.

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