How you made your artifact
How it was made in Ancient Egypt
History of the item
What was its purpose
How was it used in Ancient Egypt
Who used it
How it relates to your story
Any cool facts
What the artifacts represents

Here is a sample Caption:

Senet, the Game of the Pharaohs

Senet was a game the ancient Egyptians played. Everyone played it, it was very popular. So popular in fact that no one bothered to write the rules for it. Most of what we know about it are from pictures of the game being played and from surviving boards. It has been found as far back as 3100 B.C.E. It was also one of King Tut’s favorite games. He was buried with a table-sized board. The game board has 30 squares  and the object is to get all your pieces around it and block your opponent from doing the same. Casting sticks, red on one side and white on the other, were used very much like dice today. Eventually knuckle bones were used for casting sticks. Players used playing pieces that were shaped like cones, pyramids, or barrels. These playing pieces were called Ibau, meaning dancers. Five of them were used. Eventually the game took on a symbolic significance. During the New Kingdom Senet was shown as a one-player game (instead of two-player) and the opponent was a spirit from the afterlife.
I chose to write about this artifact because I mentioned it in my story and because it looked like a fun idea.

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