Interactive Homework “Ancient Egpytian Crafts and photo shoot”

Dear Families,

Ms. Zoe and Mr. Anthony are happy to announce another collaboration between Humanities and Multimedia!  We enjoyed watching students grow in their abilities to marry their skills as poets and their skills as photomontage artists.  Our new learning adventure will challenge students to combine their skills as writers, historians and digital storytellers.

In Humanities students have been putting themselves in the shoes of an Ancient Egyptian in their “Empathic Writing.” In Multimedia students are going to begin their journey in digital storytelling! Students will combine the two topics by digitally retelling their Egyptian Empathic Writing.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite parents to partake in Interactive Homework as a way to make the parents part of our learning community at High Tech Middle Media Arts.  The interactive homework, “Ancient Egyptian Crafts and photo shoot”


How to complete that Interactive Homework:


Students will pick one aspect of their story to create a three-dimensional representation of.  For example, students can choose “Pharaohs” as an aspect.  The student would then need to create a three-dimensional representation of a characteristic of a Pharaoh.  The representation can be a sarcophagus, a pharaoh’s mask or even a monument the pharaoh built. The photo shoot needs to represent a part of your story.  You can use your costume and three-dimensional representation in your photographs.

Thank you for your all of your wonderful support! Please e-mail me if you have any questions



  1. 1.    What to bring on November 28th
    1. Three dimensional representation of an aspect from Empathic Writing
    2. A minimum of TEN DIGITAL PHOTOS on a Flash drive or E-mail.

Here are very helpful websites.  Please feel free to browse the internet or any other resources for Ancient Egyptian Arts and Crafts.

To create an Egyptian Costume – If students would like to dress up as an Ancient Egyptian –

To create a Pharaohs Mask

To create a Ancient Egyptian Canopic Jar (Egypt and the Afterlife)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Build a replica of Kufu’s Pyramid


Build a paper pyramid


This website has a wealth of different crafts


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