How to transform your writing into ancient Egypt style!

Hey guys! Here are a few tips that will help you transform your personal narrative into an Ancient Egyptian style personal narrative.  I have listed a few steps that we will go over in class.


1) Here are the 4 parts of Ancient Egypt that you need to discuss in your writing
a) The Nile River Valley
b) Egypt Under the Pharaoh
c) Egypt and Nubia
d) Life and Death in Ancient Egypt
e)Art, Architecture, and Learning in Egypt
I have picked out Key Terms from each of those subjects that you need to include in your writing.  I have listed the Key Words under their corresponding historical category.

1) The Nile River Valley
a. Cataract
b) delta
c) Double-Crop
d) Interior

2)Egypt Under the Pharaoh
     a) Pharaoh
1) Make sure you talk about the Pharaoh that is on the throne
2) How did the Pharaoh expand Ancient Egypt? Through trade or through war? How did it affect your character?
3) How did the pharaoh treat his people? How does that affect your character?
4) What kinds of things did your Pharaoh have built? Pyramids? Tombs?
5) What does your character think about the Pharaoh?
6) Ritual
        7) Authority
8) Egypt’s Social Pyramid
Where is your character on Egypt’s social pyramid? How does it affect your character’s life?
2) How does your character feel about where he or she is at on the pyramid
3) What job does your character carry out?

3) Life and Death in Ancient Egypt
2) Afterlife
3) Mummy
4) Journey of the afterlife
5) Ancient Egyptians religious beliefs

4) Egypt and Nubia

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