Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

Here are the class notes for the Super Sparkly Ninja Turtles from Outer Space:

Like the sumarians, the Egyptians accepted polytheism – Angel T

Polytheism means Beliefs in many GOds – Angel Z

Egyptians believed that Gods controlled the people of Egypt – Grayson

To keep the Gods happy Egyptians built temples for the Gods and offered them prayers and gifts – Malik

Egyptians Gods were often times associated with animals. – Noah S

The most important God was Amon-Re – Noah S

He made the daily journey across the sky each night he died in the West and the land gew dark.  Each morning he was reborn in the east as the sun rose. – Leah

Osiris is the God of the underworld, or the world of the dead.  Taniya

Osiris was killed and chopped into pieces by a rival God named Seth – Angel Z

Egyptians looked to Isis for protection in both life and death – Noah S

Isis was the wife of Osiris – Steven

Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris – Angel T

Notes from The Puma PEEPS

Egyptians believed the Gods controlled every aspect of life – Audrey

To keep the Gods happy the Egpytians built temples for the Gods – Darryl

Many villages have their own special Gods – Jasymyn

THe egyptians accecpted polytheism, or believed in many gOds. – Chandler

The Greek word poly means many and the theism means Gods – Anne

Egyptians worshiped hundreds of Gods – Tysean

Egyptians believed that Gods shared the qualities of animals – Joseph

The most important God was Amon-Re the sun God – Brian

Amon-Re died in the west and the land grew dark and each morning he was born in the east as the sun rose – Anne

Osiris was the God of the underworld of the dead – Chandler

Isis was the God of heaven- Davin

Osiris was killed and chipped into pieces by a ruval called seth. – brian

Horace defeated Seth and unitedtwo lands of Egypt therefore everyone believed that Pharaohs were horace in human form. – Garrett

Horace was the son is Isis and Osiris – Myles

Isis represents love, caring and protection – Jasmyn

Isis found pieces of Osiris body and brought her husband back to life – Audrey

If you live a good life you can go to “heaven” if you live a bad life you will go to H E double hockey stick. – Darryl

Egyptians believed the Osiris decided who would enter the afterlife. Those that had a good life got to live forever in the afterlife. – Chandler

Those that lived a sinful life were destroyed immediately – Myles

Egyptians believed that osiris could overcome death – Tysean

Egyptians believed that they would enjoy all the things in the their life in the afterlife – Anne

Egyptians believed that people had two spirits . – Garrett

The second way that egyptians prepared for the afterlife was by having their bodies preserved.





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  1. Mr. Anthony you said these are the class notes for the super sparkly ninja turtles from outerspace but you have people from the puma peeps in the list

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