Haiku Art Activity

Haiku Challenge Activity:

Please Note: There is a spelling mistake in the example provided.  Learn from my mistake and have a peer critique your work before you make permanent changes. (Outlining in sharpie, painting with water colors, etc..)

Google image search a season taking place in Japan.  For example, you would search “Japan spring” find a season that has a photo that you like or would like to recreate.  If you see something that stands out in your search and would only like to draw that item that is fine.  For example, if you Google search “Japan Spring” you will come across pictures of “Cherry Blossoms” If you would like to create a photo of a cherry blossom then that is fine.   The important thing is that whatever you are creating is related to your Haiku and season.  In this case, Cherry Blossoms have a lot to do with spring and the sample Haiku.  Let’s begin!

Materials: Watercolor paper, paint brushes, cup of water, 1 black sharpie, crayons, watercolors, and scratch paper, black construction paper.


1. Google Search a season taking place in Japan.  I chose to google search “Japan Spring”  After browsing a few images I decided to pick this one.

Image I chose after googling "Japan Spring"

2. Once you have the photo draw what you see. (remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just try and capture the details that matter.  The ones that you have to have in order to know what the image is. Just like a Haiku)  If you are having trouble drawing your image, you can google search another image that is larger if you would like to get a better idea of how to draw your original image.  Since it was difficult to draw cherry blossoms I looked at other images of cherry blossoms on Google and found this one.

3.  Draw your image on the watercolor paper in Pencil.  (It was strongly recommend that you practice on a piece of blank paper first)   Please note: In the image below the poem is already written on the watercolor.  It is better to write your poem on a blank piece of paper then cut out the poem so you can see where you want to put it in relation to you image.

4. Continue Drawing your image.

5. Once you are doing drawing the photo in pencil you may begin outlining the parts you wan to stand out in Black Sharpie (I also colored in the tree with black crayon.  You should start coloring after you outline.  I got a little over zealous!  In this example The Pedals are not being highlighted because cherry blossoms seem soft and you will want your picture to reflect that!

6. You may now start picking out your colors from your crayon box. This is the one we used.

7.  Once you have the colors you like, test them on a blank sheet of paper to make sure you like the way they look.

8.  You may now begin coloring the parts of your image you would like to color in.

9.  Using your paintbrush add a light layer of water of the entire picture, Yes over the entire picture.

10.  Take out your watercolors and begin brushing in your desired colors.  Remember, if you hold your paintbrush like you hold your pencil you will have more control!!!

10.   Once you have painted in your desired colors you may now start to work on the background.  The background in the original photo was black, however we decided to change the background to a light blue color so the our image doesn’t turn out to be so dark.   To Begin the background add another layer of water (using your paintbrush) to the white space that you want to use for the background. Sorry, for the lack of a photo.  The picture quality wasn’t to great!

11. Paint in the background using the colors that you want to use.


12.  Write your poem in the desired space using a black sharpie.

That’s all folks!!! Remember this is an example.  Try and make yours better 🙂  By the way, the sunflower is a painting that lives in my room!

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