Chicken Soup for the 6th grade Soul!!

Chicken Soup for the 6th grade Soul!

Driving Question: What could my life look like if I were a 11/12 year old living in Ancient Egypt

Overview: This semester you will be challenged to integrate 4 skills: creativity, history, empathy and writing.  This project will allow students to have an outlet in which to explore their own stories and learn language arts concepts in the process.  The Chicken Soup project will focus on the writing process, Ancient Egypt,the elements of the short story and empathy.  All students will have an opportunity learn through a variety of writing genres such as:  Narrative Short Stories, Poetry and journal keeping.  Skills in proof reading, peer editing and peer critiquing will also be stressed.

At the end of the semester every student will have a portfolio of his/her writing.  This portfolio will include all revised drafts of writing.  All peer critiquing sessions and all poetry learned in class.  Once the project is complete we will have an “Author’s potluck party” that will include food, fun, and students reading their awesome stories!!

Topics that students can write about come from Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul and Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul:

Achieving Goals




Death and Dying

Attitude and Perspective

Overcoming Obstacles


Tough Stuff


Here are some concepts that will be covered over the course of this project:

Click chicken soup Learning Goals CCS to see learning goals that pertain to the California Language Arts Content Standards

  • Week 1 – Theme & Critiquing/
    • Students will understand, demonstrate and be able to discuss common themes within any piece of writing
    • Students will understand and demonstrate the ability to effectively critique peers in a manner that encourages more writing.
  • Week 2 – Conflict, Crisis and resolution
    • Students will understand and demonstrate through their writing that conflict provides the tension and drama that stories are built upon, including character against character, character against society, character against nature, and character against self.
    • Students will understand, demonstrate and be able to discuss the dramatic moment when the tension reaches its peak in a given piece and follow through with understanding of resolution(s) on that conflict.
  • Week 3 – Story Form, Plot, and structure
    • Structure concerns how the story is told.  Students will understand that it is the framework that determines how the story is put together.  Through exposition, complication, climax and resolution, they will demonstrate and improve their ability to create strong, entertaining stories.
  • Week 4 – Point of View
    • Students will understand that point of view is the perspective from which the story is told.  They will demonstrate ability to use both omniscient and limited point of view.
  • Week 5 – The Active Voice/ First Person
    • The active voice occurs when the subject of a sentence performs the action described by the verb of that sentence.   Students will understand the difference between the passive voice, and the active voice
  • Week 6 – Comparison
    • Students will be able to demonstrate use and recognition of symbolism and imagery within a wide variety of writing/reading experiences.  Students will also the difference between a Metaphor and a Simile
  • Week 7 –  Clauses
    • Clauses either stand alone or depend on another clause for their full meaning.  Students will identify the difference between Dependent and Independent clauses.
  • Week 8 – Verbs
    • We need to give special attention to certain verbs that are similar in form but differ in meaning.
    • Students will become familiar with verb tenses.
  • Week 9 – Verbs continued & Capitalization
    • More on those tricky verbs
    • Students will have a better understanding of when to capitalize words

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